Late Summer on The Farm

Late Summer on The Farm

Late summer on the farm. One of my favorite times of the year, while the heat can be difficult, it’s always my goal to set up every last bit of the summer time we have left. And I’m always looking forward to fall. The cool weather, colorful leaves, soup season and everything fall brings.

The flower farm is in full swing with our late season blooms coming in , chrysanthemum, wildflower Indian paintbrush, our late season sunflowers and all the fall tones of zinnias.

This week, we opened the roadside flower stand, with some flower bouquets, I added wild flowers and herbs to the arrangements from around the farm.

Indian paintbrush is one of my favorite flowers to add a pop of color and its beauty is unmatched.

We’ll be working on getting our fall plants and blooms in the clowns this week.

Just starting out, we are still planning our plant map for next year. I am looking forward to utilizing our backyard for cut flowers in the spring.


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