How to plant mums In the fall

How to plant mums In the fall

How to plant mums

Here’s how to plant your mums in the fall after they have bloomed.


Many people don’t know that you can actually replant your potted chrysanthemums in the fall after they have bloomed and looked beautiful on your porch through October and November.

Once your plants start to turn brown, and look dormant, now is the time to put them in the ground to come back for next year.


A few things to know when planting mums.

  • 1 Plant your mums in a container larger than they came in.               As a rule of thumb, usually twice the size of a container is what I use. (or alternatively, plant them in a raised bed or directly in the soil.)


Planting directly into the soil or using a container, at least twice the size of the original pot of your chrysanthemum is recommended. Consider raised beds, box, planters or a large barrel to allow your plants room to grow. Chrysanthemums can grow into large plants over time, so consider that when replanting.


  • 2 They may not look perfect when you replant them. It takes a while for the plant to regenerate and return to its former glory after a season of blooming and wear and tear.


Don’t trash your mum if it looks bedraggled and worn. Add topsoil to your planting area and give the plant time to regenerate. By next year they will look brand new!


  • 3 use well drained soil. I recommend getting a bag of potting mix and adding to your topsoil of whatever you are planting into.

It’s important to use soil that allows the roots area to breathe. I was recommend adding a layer of potting soil from your local farm and garden store to freshen up the soil.

As you prepare to plant the Mum, use your fingers to gently shake and part the roots at the base of the pot before placing in the ground.

How to replant your chrysanthemum:


  1. Choose your location. It’s important to decide if you’re going to plant the chrysanthemum directly into the soil or use a pot. Remember to use a pot or planter that is twice the size of the original pot. Whiskey barrels, would box planters or a flower bed or a great option. It’s important to make sure there’s plenty of room for the month to grow overtime. Chrysanthemums can live for up to five years, so make sure that the planter will not be in the way in the future.
  2. Freshen up your soil. Add fresh topsoil using a bag of potting mix, or another topsoil. Use a rake or hell to gently loosen the topsoil of the planter.
  3. Using a shovel, dig a hole for your chrysanthemum in the planter, approximately 2 inches wider than the base of the flowers roots. Make sure you dig the hole deep enough to cover the flower to the base.
  4. Place your flowers root base in the hole that you’ve dug, and make sure that there’s plenty of room, and that it is deep enough to support the chrysanthemum.
  5. Gently cover the remaining space around your chrysanthemum with loose topsoil.
  6. And that’s it!
  7. Depending on your zone, your chrysanthemums should bloom in late summer of the following season.



Keep in mind if your chrysanthemum

Has been overwatered or an underwatered, and has already died away, it may not return the following season.

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