3 Tips to make your flowers last longer

3 Tips to make your flowers last longer

Here's how to keep flowers alive and flourishing long after you bring them home.

My 3 best tips for flower care.


  • 1. Trim the stems! This is so important. After you bring a bouquet in your home you need to re-trim those stems1/4 - 1/2 in at least to freshen up the bloom. this encourages the stem to drink again, and will rehydrate your flower.


  • 2. CLEAN THE VASE. This is essential for keeping your flowers alive and well. Clean Clean Clean those vases, or whatever you are displaying the blooms in. Flowers are sensitive to bacteria and fungus so it's crucial that the vase is clean and has fresh water for the stems, or they may be infected and die after only a few days. I recommend flushing or replacing the water in an arrangement at LEAST every 3 days.


  • 3. Use a plant food in the arrangement. This is a great way to encourage your flowers to last longer and keep them thriving. It's pretty inexpensive too! Flowers need to eat to stay alive so I recommend adding some kind of food to the arrangement once or twice.


Here's a link below to the flower food that I use in all of our arrangements.


We all love gorgeous, blooming arrangements in the house, and I hope these 3 easy tips will keep yours looking fabulous!

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