Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

So you’re doing things naturally this new year!

Living clean and natural, tossing the toxic lifestyle of greasy fast food and chemical, packed personal products this year is an amiable goal for sure! But where do you begin?

Jumping in headfirst, tossing all of your household products, skin care, and pantry items is in no way practical and certainly not economical. Starting small one goal at a time is the most effective way to reach your goal this year.

Whether it’s laundry detergent, clean eating, shampoo, or my personal favorite as a Soapmaking entrepreneur, skin care. Whether it’s facial skin care products, body soap, lotion, or natural lip care products, there’s a white variety in the market of skin care products. Offering more natural solutions to a society that has used products filled with chemicals for decades. I encourage you to research research research. Read the ingredients. read the company’s mission. Before investing in new clean living products be discerning before purchasing. 

I am a soap maker at six years, and over my career of making soap, I have discovered a successful blend of natural oils and ratio of farm fresh goat milk. Unlike many soap companies, every ounce of goat milk used in our products is sourced from our fourth generation family farmstead. Produced by our herd of award-winning dairy goats. Our does compete in dairy herd improvement records. A system evaluating Butterfat, protein content and yield to determine quality of milk. How are those consistently earn awards at the national level and land themselves on the ADGA Elite Doe List for productivity, protein content, and butterfat. We appreciate our does for having national success, and high quality milk. 
Butterfat, and protein content increase the quality of skin care products, we create for our company. 

Having said quality of our milk is accomplished, we also source our essential oils for fragrance from the highest quality distributors. We seek to use the most natural fragrances as well as essential oils in our products. To create whimsical scents of floral aroma, nostalgic citrus and other signature Fragrances. 

we often use essential oils in our products as they are the purest form of fragrance that can be used in skin care. Many of our soaps and lotions include essential oils, such as peppermint, lavender and lemon. Our holiday peppermint is always a my best seller or it’s subtle minty, fragrance. Lemon for eight zesty, fresh zing. And lavender, of course, for its classic fragrance of pure floral aroma and a hint of herbs. Not just a scent, lavender essential oil is often used for therapeutic remedies. Aromatherapy, relaxation and many other herbal approaches to wellness.

Now let’s talk, lavender essential oil. We love lavender, essential oil not to spread scent but for it’s antibacterial properties. Lavender is known to be exceptional for relaxing cleansing and restorative care. Our lavender products include lavender, good milk, bar soap, and goat milk lotion. Adding pure, essential oil made from plant extracts for the cleanest scent and aromatic properties to our skincare. 

Simple. Not over processed. With a short list of ingredients that you’ve actually heard of. 

Read our product information for ingredient details if you’re interested. For a limited time, our Farmhouse Clearance Collection is 20% OFF with limited leftover Holiday + Winter Products. 


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