How to make goat milk soap.

How to make goat milk soap.

Here's how to make goat milk soap from home!

Many people are turning to DIY projects these days to learn a useful skill, save money or simply try something new.

If you're reading this blog, you are probably searching for ways to tap in to your creative side. Or maybe you just need to make soap for sensitive skin, have extra milk on hand from your goats, (Like I did starting out) The creator in all of us is searching to design, make and weave something with our hands, and soapmaking is an excellent choice to start creating. I started making goat milk as a teenager, and trust me I started on square 1. Mistakes were made, and batches of soap were lost to error. BUT, after practicing, and perfecting, I found 3 easy ways to succeed! 

Making soap by hand is no small feat, but I'm convinced anyone can do it if they follow these simple steps!

  • Don't give up. 

THAT"S RIGHT. Now this may sound cliche, but I'm telling you this is so important. When you make an error, keep going. Consult the internet or a book and apply what you learn. 

  • Follow the directions.

Find a recipe that you want to try and familiarize yourself with the steps and instructions. Don't skip through the information, take your time and process each step.

  • Look it up!

If you are not sure you did a step wrong, look it up online. There are so many great resources online and great tips in most soapmaking books to help troubleshoot while soapmaking.


What you need to make goat milk soap:

Soapmaking Supplies:

Most of these supplies can be found in your home and kitchen! Depending on if you are making hot process or cold process, you may need a few different items.

Slow Cooker / 4-6 quart


Glass heat proof measuring cup

stainless steel sauce pan

glass heat proof mixing bowls

silicone spatulas 


Silicone cupcake molds

wax paper

safety goggles 

rubber gloves


**Safety tips** 

  1. Always wear safety goggles
  2. Never touch lye with bare skin
  3. Always make sure your workspace is well ventilated
  4. Never make soap near small children



Goat Milk Soap Recipes.

While I will not be sharing our recipe from the studio, there are so many options for recipes online that are super easy and fun. 

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