3 Reasons, (Ingredients Rather) that you should try Goat Milk Soap.

3 Reasons, (Ingredients Rather) that you should try Goat Milk Soap.

Three reasons you should try to goat milk soap


Goat milk soap it sounds so simple. But there’s a lot more to Soap than you may think. commercial Soap is notoriously laden with harmful toxins and chemicals that dry out your skin and don’t contribute to a healthier body. It may seem so simple to grab the cheapest most ready available soap at the supermarket, but do you really know what is in the soap that you use?


At liberty Farm, Co our simple goat milk soap has four main ingredients. They’re simple but they’re everything that you need to hydrate and nourish your skin.

We use a base for our soap, made with our farm, fresh goat, milk, coconut oil, and olive oil. Again it sounds simple but trust me, it works.


Let’s break it down starting with my favorite ingredient goat milk. It might sound primitive and unglamorous to some, but goat milk has so many enriching qualities that make it the perfect ingredient.

First of off it contains lactic acid, which works to brighten your skin and lock in moisture.

Goat milk also contains high levels of butterfat, and protein which work to again block in moisture and nourish skin.

Did you know that recently goat milk soap has been proven to fight acne and reduce breakouts?

Pretty cool, huh?

The good news, it’s not super expensive .

A bar of goat milk soap from our shop handmade with Natural nurishing ingredients, is only eight dollars.


What else do we use in our soap coconut oil there’s so many health benefits, coconut oil and it’s great for your skin . With anti-inflammatory properties it’s great for fighting psoriasis and eczema, decreasing breakouts and restoring moisture.

Olive oil ?

Deeply moisturizes skin barrier, and is a gentle exfoliator.

The fourth ingredient, we use sodium hydroxide to create our soap . You’re probably  wondering what about the Fragrance and Scent in the soap. Well, we use only natural Fragrance and Essential oils for our soap scents.


If you have any more questions about goat milk soap, feel free to reach out about our products and a customer associate will respond as soon as possible.

And don’t be scared to Google products and ingredients for yourself.

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