What is essential oil?

Used in many skincare and home products worldwide, essential oil has long be considered a “natural fragrance” or “Natural alternative” to fragrances used in many household products.

“Essentially “ Essential oil is distilled plant extracts that have retained the original scent and properties.

For example, perhaps the most popular essential oil is Lavender. The lavender plant is harvested and processed to extract the plant oils. It is then distilled into a product that can be used for various purposes from culinary creations, to soaps and skincare.

Many people swear by Lavender and other essential oils used for types of aromatherapy. And while we love the scent and its fresh natural properties, our products that are made with Lavender essential oils aren’t proven to have any medicinal or aromatherapy qualities.

Lavender essential oil among other essential oils, such as tea tree, or grapefruit essential oil are favored in skin care products for their freshness, and natural origin.

Each essential oil has individual , properties and effects.

What is the difference in Fragrance and Essential oil?

Essential oil is distilled from plant extracts. While fragrance, is created from certain chemicals blended in  organic compounds.

What do we use in our products?

We use both essential oils and fragrance in our products.

Our product ingredients are simple. We use only four simple ingredients in our goat, milk, soap, base, in addition to the specific sent of the product. Many products such as our lavender goat milk soap, use only essential oil. Other products use fragrance, that is derived from organic compounds and synthetic fragrances.


  • Our product description displays the scent used in the product, essential oil or fragrance.


  • Take a look at the product descriptions in our store when deciding which type of scent you prefer to use.


We keep our products, luxurious, and made from the simplest list of real ingredients. Always handmade.

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